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Dignity of Labour ~ Movies that Matter

Sattya, in collaboration with Movies that Matter is proud to present you with Bato Ko Cinema ~ Dignity of Labour. The film lineup has been carefully selected based on each film’s relevance to the theme ‘Dignity in Labor’ and Nepal, its ability to hold the interest of an audiences, as well as presenting human interest stories that can cross cultural lines. We have worked diligently to put together a lineup for films that represent multiple regions, issues, and perspectives, as well as including films that are inspiring and uplifting in addition to those that expose harsh realities of labor. International films will be dubbed into Nepali to ensure a wider reach, as language is often a significant barrier. We are coming to 3 cities near you, so please mark your dates!

Film Selections





The Desert Eats Us

The film provides a rare glimpse of the migrant experience in Qatar, where they outnumber natives by 3 to 1. Their struggle to endure long working hours in stultifying heat, burdened by loans and high expectations of home, and the upheaval and fractures of emotional life is overwhelming, unhinging the compass of their lives.

Directed by Kesang Tseten

Amar (all great achievements require time)

Amar is 14 and top of his class. Someday he’d like to be a professional cricketer, but for now he’s the family’s main breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week on top of attending school in the afternoons. This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily life.

Winner 2012 Vimeo Awards Documentary Category
Winner 2013 Best Mini Documentary Big Sky Documentary Festival
Winner 2011 London Indian Film Festival Satyajit Ray Foundation International Short Film Competition
Winner of the People’s Choice Award at Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival 2011
Special Mention 2013 Teen Dox ZagrebDox
Also screened at KUKI festival, Berlin 2011 and Clermont-Ferrand 2012

Filmed and Directed by Andrew Hinton

An Act Of Resistance

In Mexico, Chocolate isn’t just a sweet treat. It is a food steeped in history and spirituality that has lost its place in Mexican agriculture and production. This is a story about bringing it back.

Filmed & edited by: Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine

Do Not Blame The Sea

In 2004, the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka killed 8 members of this small fishing family. And yet today, they still fish (either on stilts or in a boat) because they have to do it to survive. The family lives in a small, makeshift hut with a back “window” that opens onto the ocean — the same sea that gives life also takes it away.

Filmed & edited by: Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine

Women Moving Forward (Mujeres Pa’lante)

Through the stories of three Latin American women living in Barcelona, who all form part of the Mujeres Pa´lante association, we get an insight into the reality of being a migrant woman and a domestic worker in Spain today. Despite the discrimination and abuse they experience, these women are actively trying to improve the rights and conditions for themselves and for others.

A film by Tanja Wol Sorensen

Qatar’s World Cup Slaves

Qatar, one of the richest countries on the planet, will be hosting the World Cup in 2022. But much of the Gulf state’s expansion is being built by some of the poorest migrant workers in the world. In the worst cases, employees are not being paid and work in conditions of forced labour. Each month dozens of young Nepalese migrant workers are returning home in coffins.

By Pete Patisson, The Guardian

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